Machinima Reaches Record Download Levels With New Xbox 360 App

Stand aside YouTube – Machinima is here and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

When Microsoft reveals a new media-streaming app for its Xbox 360, it is usually only available in a few countries. This time however, the Machinima app that was launched in April earlier this year, went live in all of the countries that sold the console. The crazy thing? In the short period that it has been available, the app has already been deemed as the fastest downloaded in the past 12 months.

Machinima is a global video entertainment network for young males and Xbox 360 is the first and only console where the app is available. The Xbox LIVE entertainment platform is the latest platform Machinima has expanded to in an effort to be wherever fans want to see and interact with their favorite content.

“We worked with Machinima in the past to launch the digital series “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,” and knew that they would be an ideal partner for the release of our first global app,” says Larry Hryb, director of programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live (also known by his gamer tag as Major Nelson).

“The sheer volume of downloads is a great milestone that demonstrates the popularity of Machinima among Xbox owners,” he adds.

The Machinima app offers all of the content available on its YouTube channel, including gaming news, trailers, and original content such as 2012’s Halo: Forward Unto Dawn series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and its upcoming sequel. Xbox 360 users with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can share videos in the app with others on Facebook. The app also provides consumers with live streaming availability that includes coverage of major events like E3 and Comic Con.

Allen DeBevoise, chairman, co-founder, and chief executive of Machinima says that the company is excited to be the first global app on Xbox 360. “The overwhelmingly positive response from the consumers validates the true worldwide power of the Machinima audience and brand. We know our audience watches video on Xbox. Developing the Machinima app makes it easier for them to watch, engage with, and share our content,” he comments.

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