McCain Taking Cue from Clinton Camp?

ClickZ_Campaign08_katefinal.jpgJohn McCain wants you to “Invest in Victory.” According to information gathered by Media Trust, the McCain camp is running ads with a call-to-action reminiscent of the ones Clinton relied on during her run for the presidency. Ads spotted on sites based in swing states including New Hampshire and North Carolina, among other sites, urge supporters to “Invest in Victory, Donate $25.”

Display ads from Hillary Clinton’s shuttered campaign were almost entirely fundraising-based, suggesting people “Donate $5” or “Donate $50.”

Until recently, John McCain for President hasn’t taken a blatant fundraising approach in online display ads; rather, the campaign has pushed for people to sign petitions against pork-barrel spending, or sign up to join the campaign. (Using those sign-ups, he then hits up those registrants for donations. Barack Obama’s campaign has taken a similar tack.

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