Mr Kipling Boosts Social Media Engagement With Cake Deliveries

In a new social media campaign that aims to increase engagement among consumers, Mr Kipling, Britain’s largest cake manufacturer, will be delivering free cakes to people’s homes.

By tweeting their favorite cakes to the brand or writing about them on Facebook, consumers enter to win Cake-Aways: their preferred cake brought to their doors by bicycles and vans customized in pink and yellow, the same colors as the popular French Fancies. The deliveries will happen on Saturday evenings, right in time for new episodes of The X-Factor, for which Mr Kipling is a sponsor.

“Saturday nights in are a big occasion for quality time with the family,” says Laura Lesser, an account director at Saatchi & Saatchi, the international advertising agency that represents Mr Kipling’s parent company, Premier Foods, and runs all of its social channels. “Instead of the usual take-away that families might enjoy, we wanted to deliver something even more delightful and fun.”


The “Life Is Better With Cake” campaign is “designed to remind Britons that cakes bring delight to every occasion,” Lesser says. The campaign began this past weekend in London, and subsequent deliveries scheduled for the next three Saturdays in Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff.

To further promote its product, Mr Kipling recently unveiled a billboard at a London mall made out of 13,360 individual cakes. However, the billboard is no longer standing, as passersby ate it. Like the edible advertisement, this social campaign is a way for the confectioner to boost its engagement.

“What I like about this approach is two-fold,” says Ekaterina Walter, a global evangelist for Sprinklr, a company specializing in social media analytics and management. “I like the customization factor, the personal touch. But most of all, I love that this campaign goes back to what’s important: face-to-face interactions with customers.”

To celebrate National Cake Week in October, Mr Kipling will do Cake-Aways in offices before going back to homes for one last delivery in December, to coincide with The X-Factor semifinals.

Homepage image via Shutterstock.

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