Multi-Channel Marketing, Data, and Social ROI Dominate #SESSG

Unilever, Rakuten, Intel, Twitter, and McDonald’s were among some of the speakers at the two day conference held at Grand Copthorne hotel in Singapore’s central business district.

In this video interview, Bill Hunt, president for Back Azimuth Consulting and member of SES conference advisory board gives his insights on the key themes that were discussed at the event.

He also shares his 2014 digital predictions for marketers – integrating data and understanding.

“Trying to better understand data, better understand target market, and produce content that matches the phase of the buy cycle.”

Meet the Experts Networking

During the Meet the Experts Networking session, ClickZ doorstepped Vikram Bansal, head of services from Aegis Media Singapore to share what he discussed and learned from one of the roundtables.

#SESSG top tweets

The twittersphere was also abuzz with updates during the two day conference. Highlights below:

@keefythehipster: Great quote: Content is king. Distribution is queen and she wears the pants via @JamshedWadia

@eskimon: Beware of merely ‘renting’ an audience – build communities that you can nurture on your own terms ~ @JamshedWadia

@malaby: CMO: now Chief Moments Officer? Audience questions at Twitter brand session.

@manojaravind: What drives multiple-channel marketing- the message or the medium?

@ladyextel: How can one generate value in content? Connect real user issues (information, entertainment) with brand expertise for the sweet spot.

@kareenk: People funding the tool, using the tools & using the reports from the tool are completely different and they don’t speak to each other.

@verydeepsleep: Bill Hunt: If more than 50 percent of people come to your homepage and then go to site search, you have bad navigation.

@anoirnan: Analytics without insights is useless JABON. My mantra of late, good to see it on a slide

@DamienCummings: Just groovin’ to Intel’s Harlem Shake. @JamshedWadia presenting great insights into social & content.

@notsogeek:rule #3 forget cute cats and celebs, focus on personal triumphs on video ad (pugs might work better, like the ones in @flickr’s ad)!

@jermyntoh: MYTH: the viral video does not exist. Gangnam style was a very carefully orchestrated piece of success – Phil Townend.

@s_abry:”I talk about the brand not because I love the brand but because I love my people” Rudratej Singh

@9VSKA: “@shanobyl: Poor user experience on mobile sites affects SERP rankings” And in the case of SIA’s, their full web site version too!

@siimulation: 81 percent expect retailers to utilise technology to improve in-store shopping experiences.

@doughperis: Three trends in digital: mobile, use of data & insights, and always on. Good insights, thanks @TPeltoniemi

@darren_yan:Digital marketers need more ROI wins than experiments to win the hearts from the boardroom to get future funding.

@jermyntoh: love this! RT @adalinelau: “We don’t have 30s to be interrupted, but we have 30 mins to hear a great story”@Rudratej

@shanobyl: Split testing essentials: ease of implementation, strong insight, budget optimization.

@keizng: Exhilaration is the top trigger for viral videos

@bansalvikram: Lesson from #McDonald’s ‘Hello Kitty’ and Singpost ‘Black Friday’ example….plan ecommerce infastructure to cover spikes.

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