MyxerTones Launches Web-to-Mobile Ad Offering

MyxerTones, a Web site for creating, sharing and selling mobile content including ringtones and wallpapers, has rolled out a cross-platform ad offering. The Florida-based company is offering targeted ads based on user-requested mobile content, geography and other information.

The program allows marketers to create custom content such as ringtones, jingles and mobile device wallpapers that are delivered through the Myxer system. Volkswagen recently launched such a program on Myxer that included custom content created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky of Miami.

“It had Web, SMS and mobile placements but it also had custom content that carried their brand message and it had all the benefits of a viral campaign,” said MyxerTones founder and CTO Myk Willis.

Much of the content at MyxerTones is free and there is no subscription, said Willis, who acknowledged unscrupulous players in the ringtones and mobile wallpaper field have given the segment a black eye through bait-and-switch tactics, hidden subscription fees or SMS spam.

“That’s the type of thing we fight tooth and nail all the time,” said Willis, who added added no ads will be delivered via unrequested text messages. “People absolutely will not put up with having any sort of spam advertising through SMS. For a very long time, we’ve been delivering content to users that they very specifically request. Now, in conjunction with the delivery of content they requested, we have advertising. But you are not going to find one of our advertisers is given your cell number. The ad is built directly into the existing delivery infrastructure.”

MyxerTones said the new program was launched with participation from C3 Presents, a music marketing and management firm that produces Lollapalooza and the Austin City Limits Music Festival. C3 is using MyxerTones to promote the first Big State Festival, which will take place in October in Bryan-College Station, Texas. C3 is running banner advertisements on the MyxerTones Web site and mobile advertising on the ringtone download page. While users download the ringtone, they are presented with a banner that links to a microsite containing information about the festival.

MyxerTones advertisers can target ads based on geography, musical taste and other details.

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