Nearly 750,000 Surf Net in Central America

Central America, the predominantly Spanish-speaking area that separates the Caribbean from the Pacific, is the southernmost region of North America, encompassing roughly 202,200 square miles. Consisting of fertile and rugged land that is dominated by a string of volcanic mountain ranges, the area is home to approximately 38.2 million citizens.

While the chief crops of Central America continue to be bananas, coffee, and cacao, gold and silver are mined there and the region is becoming economically more diversified. The 2 percent Internet penetration rate is expected to increase as more technical positions are created and the industrial and service sectors develop.

Costa Rica leads the online population, with a 10 percent Internet penetration rate. Belize’s 18,000 Internet users account for 7 percent of the total population, while Guatemala’s 200,000 surfers only represent 2 percent.

Honduras’ 8 ISPs serves a scant 1 percent of the population, accounting for approximately 26 percent of the total number of providers in Central America.

Central America Internet Usage
Population Internet Users Penetration ISPs
Belize 262,999 18,000 7% 2
Costa Rica 3,834,934 384,000 10% 3
El Salvador 6,353,681 40,000 1% 4
Guatemala 13,314,079 200,000 2% 5
Honduras 6,560,608 40,000 1% 8
Nicaragua 5,023,818 20,000 > 1% 3
Panama 2,882,329 45,000 2% 6
TOTAL 38,232,448 747,000 2% 31
Source: CIA’s World Factbook

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