Nielsen: 73% of Brand Tweeters Also Tweet About TV

More than seven out of 10 people who tweet about brands also tweet about TV, according to Nielsen SocialGuide.

Nielsen’s analysis reveals that among 7.6 million Twitter users who tweeted about brands from August to October last year, 5.5 million tweeted about TV as well. Notably, this group who tweeted both brands and TV, sent 89 percent of the tweets about brands.

Knowing that the majority of people who tweet about brands also tweet about TV is significant for advertisers, agencies and TV networks looking to understand how brands can reach people who will socialize their messages, Nielsen says.

TV tweeters talked about brands across five categories during the above period, according to Nielsen. Taking the lead in social chatter was consumer electronics (74 percent), followed by restaurants (48 percent), food (29 percent), as well as beverages (27 percent) and automotive (24 percent).

Nielsen’s analysis is based on Twitter conversations with over 500 brands, as well as Twitter activity across more than 250 U.S. TV networks. For more information see Nielsen’s infographic below.




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