Nielsen: Younger Consumers Are Easier to Reach Online

Nielsen’s recent study provides insights into consumers’ response to online advertising. In a nutshell, younger consumers are easier to target than older ones.

According to the study, 76 percent of online campaigns geared towards reaching consumer aged 18-49 successfully reached that intended audience. This age group –  referred to as the traditional TV demo – represent just half (51 percent) of the online population.

A look at specific age breaks indicate that ad campaigns geared towards the 21-34 age range were able to reach consumers 62 percent of the time. Meanwhile, campaigns targeting consumers aged 35-54, reach their audiences just 41 percent of the time. This is despite the fact that those 21-34 represent only 22 percent of the online population, compared with one-third for consumers 35-54.

This benchmark study from Nielsen also reveals that female consumers are more active online than male consumers and are easier to reach.

In order to conduct this research, Nielsen surveyed the average on-target percentage from nearly 5,000 campaigns.

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