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Nine stats about Twitter video ads and why we cannot ignore them

Video content is popular on social media and it is among the most effective formats for advertising. Time to go beyond Facebook and see how Twitter video ads can help your business.

Facebook and Snapchat may be battling about the most engaged audience in terms of video advertising, but we should not forget Twitter and its effort to claim a position in the most effective channels for video advertising.

This year Twitter introduced several additions to make video advertising more appealing, from enhanced stats for marketers, to pre-roll advertising, and First View, the top advertising spot in a user’s feed. It is an attempt to become more competitive and convince more brands to explore its potential and according to the latest stats, it’s a platform we cannot overlook.

Video growth

According to Twitter Ads Playbook, there was a 220x video growth in the last 12 months in the platform, which also aligns with the rise of video content on all platforms.

Mobile domination

There’s no question on finding out the most popular device for video consumption, as 93% of video views on Twitter are mobile. This means that almost everyone watches Twitter videos through a smartphone, which makes it important to optimise your video content for mobile.

Increased chance of retweeting

Videos seem to be very effective on Twitter, as they are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos and three times more likely than GIFs.

This indicates how people engage with video content and how Twitter may be the right platform to promote a short video through the right context and the right moment.

Ad recall

Twitter Ads Playbook reports that almost half the users that were part of their research were able to recall video ads even after one second of viewing.

Nine stats about Twitter video ads and why we cannot ignore them

This may help brands understand how an engaging video may create a memorable experience from the very first seconds. Social video is different from traditional video as it has to grab the users’ attention to convince them to keep watching it. If the video is powerful enough to favour ad recall from just a few seconds, then this can be considered a successful campaign for a brand.


Apparently the secret to successful video content on Twitter is to include a sequential resolution, or else, to create a flow for the content, from setting up a problem at first to its solution towards the end.

It has been reported hat 48% of the videos that were watched until their completion were all including a sequential resolution.

Promoted videos

If you’re looking to increase the favourability for your brand, then you might need to consider the idea of promoted videos. They seem to lead to an increase of favourability by 18% and it could be a great start for a brand trying to set its social identity.

Time spent on video

According to a study by IPG Media Lab and Twitter, the average user watches 5.9 seconds of in-feed auto-play video. That’s why brands need to ensure that the first seconds of their video campaigns are appealing, offering a prominent branding to increase the chances of brand recall.

Live event video

If your brand wants to benefit from a live event, then the right video can lead to great results. A video around a live event can actually increase the brand favourability by 63% and it may even reach a wider target audience.

This is a great opportunity for brands, especially when they manage to spot the right occasion and the right content that would favour their branding strategy.

Brand logo

Your brand’s logo may be the first step towards purchase intent, that’s why you should use it in your video content. It may actually increase the users’ purchase intent by 9%, which creates a direct link between branding and purchases.


Video content is already experiencing a big growth and it will only get bigger during the next year.

Every platform has its own benefits when creating video and Twitter is ideal for capturing the audience’s attention and being involved in a trending topic.

After all, the stats above serve as a great reminder why a brand should seek for effective marketing channels beyond the most popular options. How about experimenting with more platforms?


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