Pandora on the Power of Music in a Connected World

Music is becoming increasingly appealing to marketers because when consumers are multitasking on different devices, they still engage with the soundtrack they are listening to, according to Heidi Browning, senior vice president of strategic solutions for Pandora.

“When you think about the mobility mindset and the earbud culture we are living in, an absolute opportunity you can have with audio is that people are multitasking. No matter whether they are checking Facebook or reading news, they are still listening to music,” Browning tells ClickZ at Cannes.

To help marketers build brands around music, Pandora has launched a number of ad products. Most recently, the company added a mobile programmatic solution to let advertisers reach its 80 million active listeners and automatically purchase display inventory on the platform across both desktop and mobile.

As the music streaming world proves to be lucrative, major tech companies are looking to get into the space as well. In June of this year, Apple and Google introduced their own music services to offer consumers more alternatives to Spotify and Pandora.

How can marketers release the power of sound in today’s connected world? With the entries of Apple and Google, where is Pandora heading? Watch ClickZ‘s video interview below to hear what Browning had to say.

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