Pinterest Rolls Out Buyable Pins for iPhone and iPad

Pinterest is officially shoppable with the introduction of Buyable Pins, which allow users to purchase pinned products directly from their iPhone and iPad devices.

After announcing Buyable Pins earlier this month, Pinterest is finally rolling them out. them on Apple’s mobile solutions. Buyable Pins are marked with a blue “buy button,” and offer thousands of products from top retailers like national craft chain Michael’s and department stores like Nordstrom, along with smaller boutiques Pinterest signed up for the service through e-commerce platforms Shopify and Demandware.

In order to decide which Pins can become available for purchase, Michael Yamartino, product manager at Pinterest, says that the company worked closely with brands to gauge user interest. “Buyable Pins are the most requested pinner feature,” Yamartino says. “Right now we’re focused on making sure that the things people are already pinning are buyable, whether they’re from small business or big brands. We looked to things that people were already pinning and looked for the brands that were already popular on Pinterest.” Buyable Pins are also retroactive, and many users will find that things they’ve pinned in the past have become available for purchase. Users will be notified of price changes and sales on items they’ve already pinned through the app.

To prepare for Buyable Pins, Pinterest recently gave its image search features a makeover by adding trending topics and spellcheck. Now, they’ve also improved their search filters so that users can navigate by price.

“We’ve made it really easy to find things through search,” Yamartino says. “When users search for something that shows purchase intent, we’ve added a carousel with photos and enough information to make a decision that users can tap into a filter by price.”

Yamartino also says that later this summer, Pinterest plans to combine Promoted Pins with its buy feature so that brands can better target consumers interested in their products. “Right now through our Promoted Pins product brands can target people based on what they’re interested in,” Yamartino says.

“But later this summer we’ll also allow brands using Buyable Pins to promote those Pins on the app and then pay for those interactions through a CPA model.”

Today, pinners will start receiving notifications that they can shop Pins on iPad and iPhone, with plans to introduce desktop and Android shopping features in the future.

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