Pop Stars Embrace Videos, Hashtags to Push Fragrances

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry may be pop stars famous for their music and love lives, but they’re also the faces of two new fragrances that embrace more adult images, as well as digital promotions to push said scents.

Swift’s new fragrance, Taylor by Taylor Swift, got a boost from an interactive video by production boutique Light of Day that was released July 30.

#HiFromTaylor is a short film that integrates social graph technology to bring fans closer to the brand, the agency says.

In other words, after connecting with Facebook, #HiFromTaylor pulls in a user’s name, location, and Facebook profile and photos and is “shot from the perspective of the user to create a sense of them starring in the video with Taylor herself,” an agency rep says.

As of August 19, the video has 150,000 to 160,000 views, estimates Light of Day cofounder Charles Nordeen.

Light of Day says it also employed blended high-end production/VFX with backend digital technology so analytics can also stream directly to the client’s CRM, the agency says.

According to Nordeen, Swift’s fans love anything about her.

“She could post a blade of grass and they’d say, ‘Whoa – crazy!'” he says. “For them, it’s super-cool to see her interacting with their photos, timeline, location and dates.”

Nordeen says the video would have less of a punch with other products.

“The wow factor is literally that you kind of know what it’s going to do, but you don’t know,” he says. “It’s kind of a cool thing when pictures pop up and it’s, ‘Wait – what?’ It happens so fast, so that’s what’s really cool about it.”

It’s also the first time Swift is personally reacting to her fans and they love it even though they know it’s not real, Nordeen says. Case in point: they’ve been taking videos and screen grabs, he adds.

This particular experience also marks a more grown-up chapter for Swift.

“The one cool thing about this is all [other fragrances] look the same – there’s lots of glitter and they’re flashy, but in this one, she’s an adult and the fragrance is something that many age groups can enjoy,” he adds.

The overall target is Swift fans, which includes women from 18 to 40. However, Nordeen notes, “Quite a few males check it out, too.”

A post about the experience on Swift’s Facebook page, where she has 46 million fans, has 183,000 likes.

Swift’s fragrances even have their own Twitter handle, @TSwiftFragrance, with 103,000 followers.

The experience also included about 30 memes in pre-campaign promotion.

“We put them up on her Facebook page and put them up on Tumblr and places we know that people that like [Swift] would grab those and repost them and repurpose them,” Nordeen adds.

Not to be outdone, Katy Perry has a new website for her new fragrance, Killer Queen.

Creative agency Iris Worldwide says it has translated the TV- and print-based campaign to digital via the fragrance’s site and social platforms.

A teaser video on Perry’s Facebook page has 9,200 likes. Perry has 56 million fans.

She also has a specific fragrances page, which has 48,000 fans.

The videos also appear on YouTube

A full 60-second spot is slated to air on August 20, when the fragrance hits stores, the agency says.

The brand is using the hashtag #killerqueen to push the initiative.

According to Iris, the Killer Queen campaign is designed to shed Perry’s “Candy Queen” image, introducing fans to her “more grown-up and darker side.”

Perry’s fragrance is from Coty; Swift’s is Elizabeth Arden.

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