Portals Dominant Source of News

Almost half of online users now access news via search engines or directory Web sites, and 40 percent get their news from online services, according to research done by Jupiter Communications.

The report reveals that online users are turning to the Web more than other media options to collect top headlines and breaking news, but are spending an average of less than 10 minutes per session. Twelve percent of those surveyed indicated that the Internet is where they go to collect breaking news (see Table).

“The fact that consumers read their online news in small blocks of time — usually less than 10 minutes — and choose sites that primarily aggregate headline-driven news, such as search engines or through online services, shows that many online users choose to use online news as a source for quick headlines and breaking news, not for deep analysis,” said Mark Mooradian, director of Jupiter’s Consumer Content Strategies.

The report detailed that 61 percent of consumers indicated they read national and international news online, followed by business news (39 percent), sports (34.4 percent), entertainment news (31.3 percent), local news (25.9 percent), and technology news (20.6 percent).

The report was based on a survey of 2,200 online users by Jupiter and NFO.

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