Quick Guide to Picking Up Facebook PPC

New to doing PPC on Facebook? Or maybe a bit further along but not quite the highly skilled ninja that you’d like to be?

Whatever your stage in Facebook ad buying, there’s a resource out there for you. I’ve gathered up a few here, with some “best for” criteria that perhaps can help get you started or kick-start your ninja training.

Beginner Facebook Ads

If you haven’t checked out the Getting Started Guides on the Facebook for Business section of the Facebook site, you’re missing out. Guides are fairly short, descriptive, though at times can be a bit oversimplified. At the very least, you’re walking away with a good quick-start guide. Best for beginners who like detailed explanations.

Social Media Examiner: All other social media platforms are also covered, but you can always count on them for a nice run-through and breaking news on the latest and greatest in Facebook PPC. A quick search for “Facebook PPC” or “Facebook ads” can pull up a great list of results. If there was one thing I could change on their site, it would be the ability to browse by category of platform or organic vs. paid social. Best for beginners who want to keep up on what is coming out or know what they are looking for.

Intermediate/Advanced Facebook Ads

I receive the daily digest of FBPPC, a blog managed by 3Q Digital that features writers from companies all over the U.S. and even a few internationally. The content is primarily focused on Facebook advertising, with a few other odds and ends thrown in like Snapchat or apps. The categories are broken up for easy sorting and browsing and the author list has some great experts on it like Dennis Yu (BlitzMetrics) and Lisa Raehsler (Big Click Co.) Best for intermediate people who like things delivered to their inbox to help keep them current.

An advanced blog by Jon Loomer is all about Facebook ads; my most favorite recent post was a complete head-to-toe walkthrough of the new Facebook Product Ads. You could literally have this open side by side on your account and get your own products ads up and running in Power Editor. Jon also offers training courses online, in written and video format if you’re looking for a more structured environment of learning Facebook advertising. Best for more advanced users who already have the basics down and are looking to move on to the next level or looking for new ideas to try.

I’m always short on time, so finding places I can continually go back to and find either what I’m looking for specifically or just get the latest and greatest are very valuable to me. I hope this list either brought you something new to add to your own list or maybe you’ve got a suggestion for me that I should be adding to mine. Feel free to comment if so!

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