Rave Reviews for Net-Based Training

A survey of managers that have used Internet-based training (IBT) found they would overwhelmingly recommend it to those who haven’t used it.

The survey, done by International Data Corporation (IDC), found that nearly 100 percent of the respondents would recommend it, with nearly 60 percent saying they would strongly recommend it. The respondents to the survey were training managers, information systems managers, and business unit managers from companies that have used IBT.

Respondents ranked IBT’s ability to deliver training anywhere, anytime, as its biggest advantage. Cost effectiveness and efficiency were ranked second and third. The cost of Net-based training has always been an obstacle, according to IDC, but the survey found companies are in a position to realize significant saving from IBT once early conversion costs are absorbed. The respondents to the survey consider IBT efficient because it enables users to target multiple audiences and address different learning styles.

“Enthusiasm for Internet-based training revolves around flexibility, convenience, and cost effectiveness,” said Ellen Julian of IDC.

IDC also spoke to companies that aren’t using IBT to find out what is standing in the way. The highest-ranking obstacle was the lack of desktop access, followed by uncertainty of how to monitor and track use and effectiveness, lack of management conviction regarding IBT value, and lack of human interaction.

“Access issues will quickly decline over the next few years,” Julian said. “And the obstacle linked to lack of human interaction will progressively diminish as live IBT becomes more widely available or as companies adopt an approach to their education needs that combines both IBT and classroom training.”

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