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State of eCommerce advertising report

As 2022 surges on, each day, week, and month presents fresh challenges for eCommerce advertising. It’s been a volatile year with lockdowns ending, the introduction of GA4, and iOS14 still wreaking havoc on Meta advertising.

eCommerce leaders are faced with a digital landscape reminiscent of quicksand. Investment in the wrong area can lead to time, resources, and energy being sucked beneath the surface with no ROI. When uncertainty arises, marketing budgets suffer. As marketing budgets shrink and expectations rise, eCommerce brands have to get their investment decisions right, and simply cannot afford to be making the wrong decisions.

Top this off with a post-pandemic data black hole, and you can easily find yourself fumbling around in the dark with no clear path forward. eCommerce brands need calibration, support, and most importantly, data.

Some of the questions eCommerce leaders are facing on a daily basis include:

  • Should I be diversifying my media mix? What channels would provide the highest ROI?
  • Should I be prioritizing existing customers or new buyers?
  • Should I increase or decrease spend on Meta advertising?
  • Should I be investing in top of funnel media? If so, how?
  • How can I manage so many fragmented channels?

Each of these questions – and hundreds of others – are inflection points for eCommerce advertising. The right answer can elevate channel performance to new heights. The wrong answer can be catastrophic.

Fospha Marketing State of Ecommerce Advertising ReportFospha’s ‘State of eCommerce Advertising Report’ provides insights on millions of dollars of media spend, run through a market-leading attribution model weighing clicks and impressions. It provides eCommerce brand leaders with understanding on which channels and ad platforms may bear the greatest fruit.

You can access the ‘State of eCommerce Advertising Report’ here.

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