Showcase your Brand Using Engaging Content Types for Effective Marketing

It is safe to say that most if not all-content marketers know that they need to create fresh content regularly to succeed in online marketing. As a result, it’s not a surprise to find most of these professionals maintaining a blog, posting articles on various submission sites, and managing multiple social media accounts.

Though all this is essential to kick-start your marketing campaign, sticking to the “tried and tested” tends to get monotonous over a period of time. As marketing is aimed at stimulating prospects for conversion, using new forms of content can spark renewed interest in your product or service. Given that most of your competitors would not have tried some useful forms of content either, using them will be an excellent way to stand out.

You can try various forms of image, video, and written content for online marketing.

Picture based content

Companies using pictures succeed a lot more compared to those who adopt a text-only approach towards content marketing. However, you need to be very particular in choosing the content based on your marketing objectives. Some options of image based online marketing include:

1. Images with visualizations: You do not necessarily have to make an infographic for your image to be compelling. Remember those children story books with images and story narration side by side? That is exactly how you can hope to achieve even for making your site visitors understand complex nature of the products or services your offer.

As a content marketer, you need to ensure that the image you use makes it as easy to understand for your prospects as the pictures in children storybooks are for kids. A comic strip, a good-looking watercolor art, a hand drawn recipe or any kind of pictorial illustration can be used for this purpose.

2. Infographics: If yours is a B2B business, you are lagging behind by not using infographics in your content promotion strategy. It is actually the fastest growing new form of content marketing for B2B businesses.


It helps you present technical or complicated information in easily graspable and attractive images. You can use infographics on image sharing sites such as Pinterest, which have become very popular of late.

3. Memes: Memes are a fun way of content marketing and can be very effective if used well. If you are entirely new to this concept, spend some time going through some popular memes here. These are adaptable to suit your marketing objectives. You should focus on creating memes that capture your brand’s personality. Sharing these on popular social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ is an excellent way of promoting your brand and what it stands for.

Video based content

You can use videos to promote yourself as a unique brand with interviews, demonstrations, how-to illustrations, and more. Your distinct personality and style comes forth in a video.


1. Micro videos: Since last year, Twitter and Instagram have used micro videos to improve user experience on their sites. Businesses use the micro videos to show their best practices, product demos, how-to guides, and many more.

Even animated GIFs can be considered a form of micro video and these can be as effective in content marketing as micro videos used on the social media platforms. However, make sure the videos are used smartly for enhancing brand recognition awareness through effective user engagement.

2. YouTube – world’s second largest search engine: Any talk of video based content marketing is incomplete without the mention of YouTube which is not only the world’s largest video streaming site, but also the second largest search engine after Google.

Thus, it is important to post promotional videos on YouTube not only because you want to spread the link through other social networks, but simply because many people use YouTube search directly for information. For many people, the video format is easier to grasp than text. So, you cannot afford to miss out on customers who fall in this category.

3. Podcasts/ webinars/ live events: As smartphones have become the norm rather than exception nowadays, video and audio podcasts offer a good brand promotion opportunity for marketers. People listen to the podcasts while traveling on pubilc transport, which makes it ideal for the on-the-go professionals.

Similarly, webinars and live events conducted through video conferencing can be used to connect with prospects. These video events can be recorded and posted on blogs and other networks for “those who missed the live event.”

Thus, live video events offer an excellent way to give an extended message about your company to your prospects. Smart use of video events help in building a loyal fan following very quickly.

Text based content

1. Guest blogging: To establish yourself and your brand as an industry expert or leader, you need to contribute informative and engaging blog posts on other sites. Moreover, it gives greater exposure to your brand to the traffic on the blogging sites where you post.

By providing informative posts, your readers on other blogs are pleased about knowing something new. This results in a bond between you and your customer – essential for ensuring customer retention. Moreover, as the guest blog sites allow you to paste a link of your website on theirs, it creates a backlink that is needed for SEO.


2. White papers/ ebooks/ Slide Share presentations: As far as consumer engagement is concerned, nothing beats custom content created by businesses. It establishes you as a thought leader in your domain and it is the best way to build a lasting relationship with loyal customers.

You can create white papers, ebooks, case studies, slide share presentations, and other specialized content that showcase your expertise in the most appealing formats.

If you are looking to expand your customer base, it is high time you look beyond the basics of content marketing. A variety of text, video, and image based content marketing tools can be used to stand out from the crowd. If you have not considered it yet, do so before your competitor does!

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