#SparkMyParty Gets Users Party Favors From Heineken

Through the end of the day, consumers can win a party package from Heineken, by tweeting #SparkMyParty.

Heineken started the campaign in New York over the weekend, monitoring the hashtag on Twitter and “sparking” the 12 consumers who best articulated why their party deserved a pick-up. The beer brand dispatched people to the winning parties, awarding them with a Jambox with custom playlists, holiday decorations, party favors, and Heineken gift cards. Four additional parties received a choice of added spark: a live DJ, an event photographer, Uber gift cards to get everyone home, or a roomful of balloons.

For the rest of the day, consumers in Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have a chance to win the same.

“The holidays are an important season to recharge, reflect on the year, and make memories with important friends and family. This year, Heineken wanted to make this season even more memorable for our drinkers,” says Ralph Rijks, vice president of Heineken. “As an upscale beer brand, we know that taking celebrations to the next level is the perfect way to add even more spark to the season.

“We chose Twitter for this activation because it’s a platform that facilitates real-time conversations with our digitally savvy target, while also providing a unique, engaging experience,” Rijks continues.

Though the real-time tweeting will be over tonight, Heineken is partnering with lifestyle media company UrbanDaddy to extend the campaign a few more weeks. On UrbanDaddy’s website, users can enter to win party packages similar to those from #SparkMyParty. Two-hundred-and-fifty winners will be selected throughout the eight cities.

“The local and real-time aspects of this campaign are really going to resonate with consumers, especially Heineken fans who are looking for opportunities to connect with and display their affinity for the brand,” says Tessa Wegert, communications director at digital agency Enlighten.

To win, users have until 11:59 EST to tweet #SparkMyParty. The deadline to enter on UrbanDaddy’s website is December 19.

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