The Double Meaning of Web 2.0 Names

A side note to today’s story about “plinking“, meaning product linking within user-generated videos. During the panel yesterday that discussed plinking and other opportunities, the speaker asked if anyone had heard the term and said it was just coined in the last week or so, nobody raised their hand. After the panel a woman went up to the speaker to explain that plinking was what a group of (often drunk) hunters do on the way home, they use road signs as target practice. It’s defined in Wikipedia more generally (link) as any type of target practice using non-traditional targets like bottles, cans, or last night on “Jericho” where CDs were used.

The name has gone through copyright searches, but possibly not a Google or Wikipedia search. No matter, stranger jargon has been adopted for new terminology. The speaker seemed more interested in the existing definition of plinking than put off.

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