The Face of User-Generated Content

Almost three-quarters of people who publish amateur video content online are under 25, and of those, 86 percent are male. Fifty-seven percent are more likely to post multiple videos per month, and almost half create video for upload in less than one hour.

Those are among the findings of a study Interpublic’s Emerging Media Lab conducted in conjunction with several video sharing sites. The survey findings are part of a larger report that profiles multimedia creators online and makes recommendations on advertiser approaches to user-generated content (UGC).

Other findings of the “Generator Motivations Study” include that as many as 73 percent of content generators notice Internet advertising, a much higher ration than what’s found in the male 18 to 24 year-old demographic as a whole. Also, 57 percent of all content creators surveyed said they are willing to feature brands in their videos, and many within the group have already done so.

Sixty-two percent are motivated by gaining personal recognition, while 60 percent are driven by cash compensation.

The report suggests opportunity for marketers, if campaigns are executed properly. “Approaching the right communities, with the right tone and incentives can motivate users to generate content featuring brands,” the report said.

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