Too Many + Same Ad=Bad Experience

employeeofthemonth3.jpgWith all the supposed demand for video ad inventory, you’d think I wouldn’t be subjected to the same pre-roll ad over and over. The other night, though, we were watching outtake clips from The Office on First of all, the things last just a minute or two; still, in between each clip we were shown a spot. And not only that, it was the same damn spot. (I’m not being profane, I’m quoting Shakespeare.)

Even if I could tolerate Jessica Simpson, I’d rather not have to sit through an ad for her new flick “Employee of the Month” once, much less twice. Steve and I both lost patience before the third clip rolled, abandoning the site.

Not only does this makes for a crappy user experience, it has me second-guessing this pre-roll ad demand everybody’s talking about.

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