Top 15 Countries by Web Usage and Properties, March 2006

The U.S. trails other nations in online engagement, according to data released by comScore Networks‘s new World Metrix panel.

The worldwide average number of hours spent online in the month of March was 31.3. The top 15 countries include Israel (57.5 hours), Finland (49.3 hours), South Korea (47.2 hours), and the Netherlands (43.5 hours). Each of the top countries are reported to have high broadband penetration.

Average Monthly Online Hours per Unique Visitor by Country, March 2006
Country Avg. Hours per Visitor March 2006
Worldwide 31.3
Israel 57.5
Finland 49.3
South Korea 47.2
Netherlands 43.5
Taiwan 43.2
Sweden 41.4
Brazil 41.2
Hong Kong 41.2
Portugal 39.8
Canada 38.4
Germany 37.2
Denmark 36.8
France 36.8
Norway 35.4
Venezuela 35.3
Note: Visitors are 15 years old or older.
Source: comScore World Metrix, 2006

Many U.S.-based companies have a worldwide reach among the Web’s worldwide population of 694 million Internet users. MSN and other Microsoft sites received a total of 538.58 million unique visitors in March. Google (495.79 million), Yahoo (480.23 million), and eBay (269.70 million) ranked highest of the top 15 online properties worldwide.

Top Worldwide Online Properties Among Visitors Age 15 or Older , March 2006 (000)
Country Unique Visitors
Worldwide Total 694,260
MSN-Microsoft Sites 538,578
Google Sites 495,788
Yahoo Sites 480,228
eBay 269,690
Time Warner Network 241,525
Amazon Sites 154,640
Wikipedia Sites 131,949
Ask Network 127,377
Adobe Sites 115,774
Lycos, Inc. 109,394
CNET Networks 107,589
Apple Computer, Inc. 98,622 Network 78,104
Monster Worldwide 74,152
Wanadoo Sites 73,446
Source: comScore World Metrix, 2006

The World Metrix panel uses passively collected behavioral data from people in 171 countries, representing approximately 99 percent of the world’s online population.

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