Tostitos Gives Free Dip to Everyone Named Chip

In honor of National Chip and Dip Day on March 23, Tostitos is giving consumers free dip…as long as they’re named Chip.

Through today, every Chip in America is invited to go on the campaign’s microsite, “Every Chip Gets A Dip,” and upload a photo of them wearing a personalized bowling shirt, a membership card, a personalized note, or anything else that can verify their “Chipness.” People don’t have to be named Chip to qualify; other consumers eligible to receive a coupon for dip include residents of places like Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and Chipley, Florida. The first 50,000 entrants will be mailed a coupon for any Tostitos-brand dip.

“We saw National Chip and Dip Day on the calendar and knew that we had to do something fun to celebrate,” says Dana Lawrence, senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay North America, Tostitos’ parent company. “What better brand than Tostitos to own this holiday?”

Typically referring to “chip off the old block,” Chip is a nickname usually given to a boy who’s named after his father and grandfather. Chip Cook, vice president at Boston ad agency Mullen, was born Loring Cook IV but has been called Chip his entire life.

“One of the things that I’m happy about is that after carrying this burden of a nickname that makes no sense compared to my given name, I’m finally able to cash in on it,” Cook says.


As a guy named Chip, Cook gets a coupon for a free jar of queso dip. But as a marketer, Cook appreciates the subtle brilliance of the campaign. While it’s irreverent and funny, by sending a coupon rather than a jar of salsa, Tostitos guarantees consumers will make a trip to the store. Since dip is a complementary item, they’ll most likely purchase bags of Tostitos while they’re there.

“There’s a huge upsell potential and huge impulse shopping potential,” Cook says. “The initiative itself seems silly, but going above and beyond the cost of the dip you’re getting, [Tostitos is] going to be making some serious incremental bucks.”

Though Tostitos is promoting Every Chip Gets A Dip with a billboard and newspaper ad in Chippewa Falls, the cross-channel campaign primarily lives digitally. Chips submit their entries online, while non-Chips are able to go on Tostitos’ “Face in Hole” page and make themselves Chips to participate in the promotion. As far as the snack brand is concerned, a picture of someone’s face on a poker chip, a chipmunk, or a pile of wood chips counts.

Additionally, Tostitos is promoting the campaign on social media and with a funny YouTube video featuring Erik Estrada. As the star of the popular 1970s TV show CHiPS, he gets free dip, too, of course. 

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