Turn Turns to CPM

TurnLogo.gifTurn Inc., which is described by its CEO as an automatic targeting ad network, is expanding to offer bidded CPM pricing in addition to its bidded CPA service. Turn launched last November and is the brainchild of former Altavista CEO and Overture exec Jim Barnett.

Turn automates online advertising by eliminating the need for manual targeting or keywords and allows advertisers to bid on graphical and text ads, according to Barnett, who told me “In some ways an ad call is very much like search query, but the inverse. What we did was pioneered applying machine learning to automate all this targeting for advertisers.”
The Turn Network is open today for advertisers, and Barnett said that adding CPM to CPA bidding was part of the company’s roadmap. The company also plans to make a beta available later this year for its publisher network.

“Our CPA product is more for the direct response advertisers. And the CPM is for advertisers with more branding oriented goals,” he said.

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