Tweets of the Week: Tinder Meltdown and #HappyWomensDay Fail

This week was a dramatic one for Twitter after Bic began the week by insulting women, Tinder publicly defended its status as a legit dating app, and JCPenney came to the rescue with a slew of well-timed compliments. 

You would think Bic learned its lesson after the Amazon “Bic for Her” fiasco, but alas, someone at the brand thought it was a good idea to celebrate women in South Africa by encouraging them to “Think Like a Man.” Predictably, the brand gained international press for its bad judgment. 

After Vanity Fair, published a piece blaming Tinder for Millinneal commitment-phobia, Tinder fired back in an ill-advised, 30 Tweet social media rant that some are suggesting was a well-timed PR stunt.