Twitter Syndicates Promoted Tweets for Broader Reach

Twitter is pushing Promoted Tweets onto other sites and apps to bring paid campaigns outside the confines of social media. 

Syndicated Promoted Tweets will now appear in places like Flipboard, a mobile app specializing in customized content, and Yahoo Japan. Companies will be able to keep creative content in its original Twitter format because the ads will appear in Twitter streams that are already integrated into partner platforms. 

While broadening the scope of Promoted Tweets could help brands reach new audiences, Tessa Wegert, communications director at digital agency Enlighten, believes they will now have to rethink content to reach beyond social. 

“Promoted Tweets have context on the social site, and a format Twitter users are accustomed to, but outside of Twitter they may come off as irrelevant or jarring,” Wegert says. “Brands will have to approach their Twitter ad creative with a fresh eye and really think about how it translates for Flipboard users, who are on the app strictly for the customized content and are used to seeing full-page ads.”

Syndicated Tweets come as part of an ongoing effort by Twitter to monetize tweets and increase declining audience engagement. The company hinted at a partnership with Flipboard at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and has also recently partnered with IBM to improve analytics and targeting.  

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