VIDEO: Fresh Talent Key to Tackling Marketing Disruptions, Says McKinsey

In the first installment of this video series, David Edelman, partner and global co-leader of McKinsey’s Digital Marketing Practice spoke about how digital is disrupting the marketing framework. In order to deal with disruptions bringing in new talent is key, he said.

It seems, however, that there is a gap between businesses that have acknowledged the disruptions and those who are truly leveraging talent to tackle the disruptions. A joint study by McKinsey and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) shows that a mere 35 percent of the 374 client-side marketers surveyed are investing in new models for employee management.

“It’s challenging to bridge the gap,” Edelman tells ClickZ. “Some brands like Capital One and Mcdonald’s have set up innovation incubators where they are bringing in fresh talent to be able to step back out of the core operation of the business in order to build stuff. But there’s no best practice right now.”

How should marketers invest in new models for employee management to drive innovation and business growth? And how should we be guiding talent as an industry?

Watch the video below to hear what Edelman had to say.

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