VIDEO: Mini USA Looks Beyond Social Metrics in Real-Time Marketing [#CZLNY]

For Mini USA, real-time marketing is an important part of maintaining a relationship with its existing consumers, as well as an effective way to attract new followers on social.

Lee Nadler, Mini USA’s marketing communcations manager, explained during an interview at ClickZ Live New York that in order to stay proactive, his team creates a monthly social marketing calendar to keep track of what’s happening around the automotive industry in general, what’s happening around the brand’s history, and what might be happening in Mini owners’ lives.

Prepared content aside, Mini is also looking for interesting social buzz that it could tap into in real time. For example, on the day #thedress went viral, the brand posted two Mini Cooper images and asked its fans what color the car was in an effort to capitalize on the social conversation.

When it comes to measurement strategy, social comments and shares are important metrics to show if a brand’s real-time tactic is effective, but marketers should look beyond those, Nadler noted.

“The big thing going forward is how can you actually listen to comments that are coming back from your followers and [product] owners,” he said.

Watch the video interview below to learn how Mini leverages real-time marketing, how the brand measures the effectiveness of this marketing technique, and where social marketing is heading next.

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