VIDEO: Nine West Captures ‘Nostalgic Moments’ With Content Marketing

There’s a story behind every pair of Nine West shoes. So says the company’s digital director Julie Booth, who believes that with its marketing the brand is not only selling footwear, but also the “nostalgic moment” behind each pair.

“We are not selling a product. We are selling a brand that has been around our consumers,” said Booth during a panel discussion at ClickZ Live New York. “We want to show what shoes can do for you. There’s a ‘nostalgic moment’ – shoes carry you through [important events] in your life. For example, you can remember if you bought a pair of Nine West for your mom, or you can remember if you bought Nine West for your first interview. So we are trying to bring that [nostalgic moment] to the forefront and connect our consumers.”

In order to build an emotional connection, Nine West has formed strong relationships with fashion bloggers to create personal stories, and has been focusing on visual social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In our video interview with Booth below, she detailed how Nine West collaborates with bloggers, how the brand evaluates a piece of content, and how content marketing is evolving in the retail space.

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