VIDEO: Playboy ‘Fishes Where the Fish Are’ on Social

Playboy is seeing great success with its new website, as well as with social campaigns on Facebook and Snapchat. What’s the strategy behind the brand’s improved marketing efforts?

“We are looking for what fits our DNA and where our audience is. Ultimately, it’s ‘fishing where the fish are,'” explained Robin Zucker, senior vice president of digital marketing for Playboy, at ClickZ Live New York. “We’ve built a new site, we’ve launched on Snapchat, and we are launching on Twitch. At the end of the day, we cannot be at every place. We are at meaningful places to connect with our audience.”

Playboy’s new website, according to Zucker, was designed to connect its consumers from different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“We started a new site with a substantial footprint on social. All of a sudden, all these people we are engaging have a place to go, [which] is the key part.”

With a diverse consumer base, Playboy targets each demographic through a specific marketing medium. For example, the brand chooses Snapchat to engage with Millennials, and has been very active on the platform.

In the video interview below, Zucker details how Playboy prioritizes various marketing channels, and how the brand is building a substantial footprint on social media.

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