VIDEO: Taking a JSwipe at Millennials in a Social World

In today’s world of modern dating, swiping right on your mobile device has become the new form of telling your beau that you think he’s hot. But with so many dating sites and apps out there, how does one stay relevant?

David Yarus, founder of Jewish Tinder equivalent JSwipe, believes it’s all about mastering a Millennial mindset and making sure that your business is inherently “social by design.”

In the video interview below, Yarus explains the importance of leveraging a Millennial audience on social media and how this has helped JSwipe reach more than 165,000 users (mainly Jewish) in more than 70 countries in just its first year. Mazel tov! He also explores hashtags and gives his thoughts on whether “more” might be too many. Lastly, Yarus speaks about paid media and why Facebook ads have been so fundamental to JSwipe’s success.

And if you didn’t read Yarus’ top 10 tips for making social a match for your business that we published earlier this week, make sure you check that out, too.

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