VIDEO: Thomson Reuters Sees 240% Conversion With Revamped Content Strategy

When senior marketing manager Casey Hall joined Thomson Reuters in 2012, his first task was to revamp the company’s blog, as it wasn’t seeing a lot of engagement. Fast forward two-and-a-bit years, and with an overhaul of the overall content marketing strategy, the numbers have transformed. 

As an intelligent information provider, Thomson Reuters needed a content strategy focused on thought leadership and retention. Up until the point of Hall’s recruitment, the content on the blog was “promotional and salesy.”

“The way it used to work was that marketers would come to me with promotional content and press releases to publish on the blog. I knew that needed to change in order to give something valuable back to the visitors of the site. The way I saw it was, if an attorney out there has no interest in buying our products, would this still be interesting to them?” says Hall. 

In order to begin the overhaul, Hall laid out three rules for forthcoming content: no product marketing, no marketers allowed to write for the site, and all content must be original as well as educational and produced from the experts of the industry themselves.   

Within the first 18 months, conversion to other Thomson Reuters’ e-commerce sites following links from the blog had increased 240 percent. 

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