VIDEO: Weather Data Shines on Programmatic Ad Buys

When one thinks of the weather, marketing isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. After all, how much can the rain really impact your bottom line? Tremendously, according to Jeremy Hlavacek, vice president of programmatic at the Weather Channel.

The weather plays a powerful role in consumer behavior and marketers are starting to take notice. For example, if it is hot and humid in New York City, Starbucks could maximize its investments by targeting iced coffee ads to those that live there. “The weather influences humans and their affects. It impacts everyone and everything,” says Hlavacek.

And of course with so much variance of weather on a daily basis, there is a mass of big data that the Weather Channel is accumulating. This “historical” data has the ability to inform strategy and determine whether good/bad weather has affected your business. Couple that with programmatic, and consumer monetization opportunities are huge, both for the Weather Channel itself and its clients.

“Using data along with programmatic ad-tech, we are able to let advertisers own different types of weather and maximize their revenues based on very targeted advertising,” notes Hlavacek.

In this video interview, ClickZ spoke to Hlavacek to get his thoughts on how big data combined with programmatic advertising is the future of digital marketing. We also learn how despite data improving programmatic, there may still be some flaws. Lastly, with so much data out there and ad inventory coming at a premium in parts, will businesses/brands that don’t have large budgets fail?

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