Visible World Teams With Tumri for Custom In-Display Video

As more and more data flows across the Web, advertisers demand more refined ad targeting and optimization on multiple platforms. The latest example comes in the form of dynamically-customized video display advertising. Cross-platform video ad targeting firm Visible World has aligned with dynamic display ad firm Tumri to offer in-banner video ad customization.

Now, by combining the two systems, advertisers can actually adjust the images, voiceovers, and other audio in display-based video. In the past, Tumri’s dynamic platform could only customize information presented in the graphic components of those ads, not in the video itself.

“A lot of digital marketing is moving towards data-centricity and allowing data to inform or dictate creative messaging and marketing specifics,” said Tim Hanlon, EVP, managing director of Publicis Groupe’s VivaKi Ventures. “This is the beginning of a lot more activity you will see around video becoming intelligently driven by video,” he added.

Visible World already enables customization of in-stream video ads such as pre-rolls; now the company can add display-based video advertising to the mix. The bulk of ads running through the firm’s platform are seen on television, according to Tara Walpert Levy, president of Visible World. She expects television advertisers to use Tumri’s display platform to complement their TV ad reach through online video that’s equally customized.

“If we can cross-pollinate advertisers…that’s terrific, but a lot of this is to extend our core base into video and into other platforms,” said Levy. The company claims to target TV ads to around 100 million U.S. households and online video ads on over 1,500 Web sites on behalf of more than 200 advertisers.

Visible World’s advertisers often use the platform to localize information presented in TV ads according to geographic data such as Zip codes. Auto advertisers may need to adjust disclaimer language, or consumer electronics advertisers might promote different products to different areas based on demographic data.

Other platforms also offer simple to sophisticated ad customization capabilities. For instance, Yahoo’s Smart Ads service, launched in 2007, allows advertisers to dynamically generate targeted ad creative from ad assets provided by the advertiser. Earlier this year, Tumri was among the first to partner with the Yahoo service when the company opened its Smart Ads platform to third-party tech firms.

The new alignment means advertisers can apply the same business rules to their Visible World TV campaigns as their Tumri display-based video ads. It may also help inform TV ad buys, suggested Visible World’s Levy. A retailer, for example, might learn that a particular video creative performs better online than another, and may decide to run more of that ad on television as a result. Levy was unable to name advertisers or agencies that have tested the combined offering.

“I think that the ability to set up your video targeting rules once and use them across every platform is important to advertisers,” she added.

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