Vodafone Tracks Real-Life Cabbies to Tout Location Capabilities

This post was written by Jack Marshall

Vodafone has launched an inventive online campaign, dubbed “Taxi Grand Prix,” to tie-in with its sponsorship of the 2009 McClaren F1 team.

The campaign, created by digital agency Dare, makes use of Vodafone’s GPS and location-based services to track 10 U.K. taxi drivers (or “cabbies”) in real time, as they race to cover the same number of miles an F1 car would in a single race.

Entrants pick a team of two Vodafone-sponsored cabbies from a pool of ten spread across five major U.K. cities. Whichever team completes the race distance first over the course of their working week wins, and users can track their teams using live GPS via the Taxi Grand Prix site.

Vodafone has upped its efforts in the location-based space, and recently announced it would be extensively testing a number of location-aware ad products this summer. This campaign strikes me not only as a nice integration with their current F1 involvement, but also a great way to introduce consumers to their location-based technologies in a creative manner.

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