Weblogs Propel Marketing Book to Bestseller Lists

New digital marketing book “Call to Action” has shot up the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Amazon.com bestseller lists without advertising, national distribution or promotional support. How? Authors Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg say the dominant driver of its success has been word of mouth, most of it generated online.

In the lead up to the book’s May 9 release, the Eisenberg brothers sent out review copies and asked colleagues to plug it in their Weblogs and online newsletters. They did, extensively. Most notably, marketing author and personality Seth Godin used his popular blog to simultaneously praise the book and trash its cover. Online analytics player WebTrends also gave away free copies at some of its April events.

The book, whose full title is “Call To Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results,” has since made its way onto bestseller lists published by The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Amazon.com. Sales so far are in the realm of 17,000 copies sold, according to Bryan Eisenberg. In the three weeks since its release, the book has climbed to number four on the Journal‘s business books list, hit the Times‘ list, and twice bounced to an Amazon sales rank of five.

“We’ve always believed that if you have a good product and have something good to say, and you’re transparent about it, customers will do more [than you could with an ad buy],” he said. “You don’t need to push it in people’s faces.”

Bryan Eisenberg, who is a longtime ClickZ columnist, also credits marketers’ increasingly voracious appetite for useful information on digital marketing, calling it another sign of the sector’s health. The book’s publisher is Wizard Academy Press.

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