Zidane, All is Forgiven

Not only are Adidas and Danone, Zinedine Zidane’s sponsors, forgiving the French team captain for the head-butt seen ’round the world, the shoe maker is actually launching a Web site, mercizidane.fr (goes live July 15), where supporters can thank him. This according to a Reuters report.

“He has been Adidas’s ambassador for 10 years and will stay its ambassador until 2017. In fact Mr Hainer (the company’s chief executive) said he could stay as long as he wishes,” Adidas marketing head Emmanuelle Gaye told Reuters.

And speaking of the head-butt, my soccer-mad hubby said he got sent at least three e-mails from friends yesterday, all linking to hastily-thrown-together Flash games, where people could interactively re-enact the big moment. Here’s one (you move Zidane with your mouse and click to head-butt). Just another example of the power of CGM.

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