ActBlue Now Running Anti-Joe Wilson Ads…Finally

ClickZ News - Politics & AdvocacyWell, Democratic online fundraising powerhouse ActBlue is running ads targeted to searches for “you lie” pol Joe Wilson. So is the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, despite the fact that Wilson and his Democratic rival Rob Miller are running for a South Carolina House seat in 2010.

At the height of the hype around the Republican Congressman’s outburst during President Obama’s healthcare speech last week — before Kanye West and Serena Williams overtook the rant-of-the-moment rankings — neither the organization nor Wilson’s 2010 election opponent Rob Miller appeared to be running search ads. Wilson’s campaign was, however, running Google ads last week in the hopes of garnering donations from those who support his anti-healthcare reform message.

Today, when doing a search for “Joe Wilson,” I came across ads from Wilson as well as ActBlue and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

“Stand against Joe Wilson. Rep. Wilson heckled the President. Say “no” to Joe. Make a donation!” says the ActBlue ad. The DSCC is also running ads: “Had Enough of Hecklers? Fight Back Against the Tea Party Express. Contribute $5 Today!”

The fact is, despite the positive impact various Democratic groups and their e-mail pleas are having on Miller’s campaign coffers, striking with search advertising while the iron is hot will help bring in even more money.

Wilson’s people are still milking his 5-minutes of national fame. The latest is a professionally-produced video featuring the Congressman’s wife seen on the homepage of his campaign site.

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