Amazon Introduces App Advertising for Android and Fire

Amazon is making it easier for developers who produce software for application stores and Android and Fire devices to advertise their wares.

The company is offering its own advertising platform called Advertise Your App that developers can use for finely targeted promotions and marketing, the firm said.

Amazon is attempting to grab a share of the app advertising market currently dominated by firms like Google and Facebook. Other firms, including Twitter, have made their own moves in the area.

“As the cost to acquire mobile users continues to rise, developers are starting to evaluate the quality of users they acquire via paid campaigns. Developers need to reach the right mobile users: those who will engage with an app and become loyal over the long term,” said Corey Badcock, Amazon’s head of worldwide developer evangelism.

“This advertising platform is exclusively available to Amazon mobile app developers. It’s simple, fast and effective. Promote your app to millions of users on Fire tablet wake-screens and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.”

Amazon said that companies can use Advertise Your App to guarantee high-profile placement on Android and Amazon devices, for example.

Campaigns are cheap and quick to set up, according to Amazon, and the firm is offering developers advertising exposure for as little as $100 and the ability to set up a campaign in just 90 seconds.

“Amazon users are more likely to engage with your app and spend money, and Advertise Your App enables you to target new customers while driving the installs you need to grow your business,” added Badcock.

“When you launch an Advertise Your App campaign, your app can be merchandised on Fire tablet wake-screens and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, enabling you to directly reach Android and Fire users.”

Amazon highlighted figures showing that users of its own Appstore are around twice as likely to spend money on mobile games as users of Google Play. The firm said that its service will increase developer take, drive installations and increase business.

This article was originally published on V3.

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