Marketing TechnologyClickZ weekly MarTech briefing: July 09

ClickZ weekly MarTech briefing: July 09

As part of our mission to help demystify the marketing technology landscape, we’ve tasked our research team with creating a weekly report that will cover the latest happenings in the world of MarTech. The briefing will include, but not limited to, key rounds of funding, new technologies entering the market, press releases, career moves, and a spotlight on influencers social activity.

Welcome to another edition in our series of weekly MarTech briefings. Here you will find key information from last week including: Highlights from rounds of funding, new technologies entering the market, and a spotlight on key influencers social activity.

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Key highlights in MarTech from last week (July 09)

Deals and funding

Verto Analytics raises $13.4 million for consumer audience measurement

Digital multi-screen media measurement company Verto Analytics has raised $13.4 million in a funding round led by Conor Venture Partners, Open Ocean Capital, and Finnish Industry Investment. Other investors included MDC Media chairman Steve Farella, Invision CEO Steve Marshall, Tencent Head of Investments Ben Feder and Tom Glocer, and the former CEO of Thomson Reuters.

New launches

Xara Cloud is an easy to use design tool to help businesses create better looking content

Software development company Xara Cloud has developed a design tool that is cloud inhabited and helps bridge the gap between professional design and business content created by non-design professionals. Xara Cloud consists of a drag and drop browser-based editor that lets users create designs using text, shapes, icons, charts, and import images. It also creates color schemes and has the software to create a new color scheme based on an image chosen. The software also helps non-designers create more visually appealing layouts. Speaking about the software tool, Xara co-founder and CEO Matt Bolton said “Xara Cloud is a robust suite of rich design and editing tools packaged in a drag and drop editing platform that allows anyone to create designer-quality documents. It is 100 percent browser-based with a consistent UI across all desktop and touch devices.”

Twitter lets advertisers ‘take over’ the Explore tab

Global social networking platform Twitter confirmed that they are testing a new feature called “Promoted Trend Spotlight ads.” These powerful new ad units declass organic content found in the Explore, which make it less likely for getting a grip on what’s up in the world at a glance. The Promoted Trend Spotlight ads are an add-on to the existing Promoted Trends ads, which when tapped opens a feed of tweets with that headline with one of the advertiser’s related tweets at the top. Speaking about the latest developments, a Twitter spokesperson said “We are continuing to explore new ways to enhance our takeover offerings and give brands more high-impact opportunities to drive conversation and brand awareness on our platform.”

Google brings hotel ads into the Google Ads platform, updates feed management hub, and launches multiple projects

Google has unveiled a new campaign type and a new hotel center for managing hotel price feeds. Google has revealed that the new campaign types are currently being tested by companies such as and Koddi. Google also revealed that the campaigns will be feed-based and that they have plans for the hotel center which involve adding more functionality to manage additional features like dynamic remarketing creatives.

Staying busy, Google has launched a new way to increase the speed of mobile pages by producing a new report that grades pages on a 10-point scale. The new “mobile speed score,” made in coordination with Google Ads, and can be found on the “Landing pages” page. Using this, Google evaluates a number of factors, including the relationship between page speed and potential conversion rate.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google has launched a new copyright match tool that is designed to help YouTube creators find their re-uploaded content. Creators can upload videos to YouTube using the tool and the website will then proceed to scan/find other similar videos, which will show up in the Copyright Match tool. Google has confirmed that this tool is designed to find full re-uploads, which means that partially uploaded content will not be displayed in the tool. Google will release the tool to creators with more than 100K subscribers, starting next week.

Datix introduces unity for HubSpot

Enterprise software consulting firm, Datix, announced an expansion of their integrations by releasing Unity for Hubspot. Unity, Datix’s flagship integration application, is a pre-built solution, designed to connect seamlessly to Epicor ERP. The new Hubspot integration allows Unity to support bidirectional data synchronization between Hubspot and Epicor, removing the need for dual data entries and providing marketers with real-time access to customer contact information, sales history, shipping orders, and more. Commenting on the integration, Datix CEO Matt Schuval stated: “We’ve distinguished ourselves as an Epicor Platinum Partner and integration expert because of our commitment to doing whatever it takes to serve our clients. Our latest Unity integration for Epicor and HubSpot was in direct response to our clients, facilitating their need for a comprehensive solution that streamlines business processes and improves marketing strategies.”

Other news

Dropbox announces partnership with Salesforce

Dropbox and Salesforce have announced its strategic collaboration to increase brand engagement and upgrade team productivity. Thanks to the new partnership, enterprises will now be able to create customized Dropbox folders within their Salesforce Commerce and Marketing Cloud using the digital asset management solution. A retailer using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud will be able to create a Dropbox folder and access product images as well as creative briefs from its creative agency. The retailer can also send notifications if the agency makes a change so the retailer can update online content and deliver an enhanced shopping experience. In a statement given to the media, a Dropbox spokesperson said: “Dropbox will also add support for Salesforce Quip documents, allowing joint users to work on Quip files that live in Dropbox, furthering Dropbox’s effort to build a unified home for work.’’

Clari and Marketo team up to provide sales and marketing with Prospect Data

AI solutions provider for sales, Clari, and marketing software and solutions specialists, Marketo, have joined hands to unite sales and marketing and provide both groups with prospect data. According to reports, the Clari Marketo Connector will allow B2B sales representatives to see prospects, open marketing emails, download content, or sign up for webinars.

Facebook aims for transparency in political ads

Online social networking service Facebook has revealed that it will soon begin testing “Stories Highlights,” that will let users pick their favorite expired photos and videos, compile them into themed collections with titles and cover images, and display them on their profile. These Highlights will appear on a horizontal scroll bar on the profile, and users will be able to see how many people viewed them. The users can also restrict “Highlights” for a select group of people or even make them public.

Facebook is also providing select advertisers with access to Augmented Reality (AR) ads. The new AR ads are meant for testing a new tool that is designed to help brands create mobile video ads using pre-existing images/video footage and will be played on the social networking site’s News Feed.  The ads will be tested by multiple brands that operate in the fashion accessory, cosmetics, furniture, gaming, and entertainment sectors.

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