Resources2018 B2B Marketing Survey – Key Findings

2018 B2B Marketing Survey – Key Findings

The Rise of the Modern B2B Marketer

The rise of the modern B2B marketer is changing the way marketing and sales teams work together to generate new business and deliver ROI. That’s why we surveyed our trusted community of B2B marketing professionals to learn more about their key ”pain points” and how we can help them reach their marketing goals.

The results found that the role of the modern B2B marketer is rapidly shifting. It’s about blending the data science of marketing with the art of brand positioning, and experimenting with the marketing mix to generate sales-qualified leads and brand awareness.

Key findings from the survey:

  • 57% of B2B marketers think personalization is the key trend will influence next 12 months.
  • 50% of B2B marketers are now demanding leads that are fed into the middle and bottom – not just the top – of the funnel.
  • ROI priorities are clear, with conversation rates, yield growth and site traffic top of mind.
  • Collaboration with colleagues is more critical than ever. As marketing becomes more visibly integral to business success, five colleagues now typically have input on investment decisions.
  • Content marketing is here to stay. Like social media and email marketing, these channels remain critical to delivering on ROI goals.

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