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Rebecca Sentance
Rebecca Sentance
Deputy Editor, ClickZ and Search Engine Watch


Rebecca Sentance is the Deputy Editor of ClickZ and Search Engine Watch. She loves writing about all things digital and online, and is a little bit obsessed with natural language search. In a past life, she worked in broadcasting as a member of the weekend team at digital finance radio station Share Radio, and has also lived in China.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on – blog posts, magazines, newsletters, novels, webcomics and more – and blogs irregularly about digital journalism and new media.


Chris Camps
Chris Camps
Writer, ClickZ and Search Engine Watch


Chris Camps is a writer for ClickZ. He used to work as a copywriter at a London agency, but has since given in to his hunger for all things marketing. His focus is primarily on new martech, big data, analytics and ecommerce. Never without a cup of tea, his other passions include music, cycling and pretending to know about football.

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