A Marketer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

ClickZ AI report coverA comprehensive report on AI and how it can be used in marketing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly establishing itself as a field of great potential value to business and marketers.

This 34-page report, brought to you by ClickZ Intelligence, spells out how marketers can benefit from developments in AI, while helping you to develop your point of view on this fascinating subject.

Report author Martin Talks, an expert in digital transformation and emerging technology, demystifies what is actually meant by artificial intelligence, and how organisations across different sectors can start to approach different use cases.

What you will learn from the report:

  • A short history of AI
  • AI predictions
  • Why all the excitement about artificial intelligence now?
  • Barriers to adoption
  • AI solutions for marketing
  • How to approach AI
  • Implications for marketers

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