How can you improve your display advertising performance?

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In 2015, European businesses spent more than €10 billion on display advertising. Internet users spend 96% of their time engaged with content, and display gives advertisers the power to connect with them where they are.

The introduction of developments like real-time bidding (RTB) have only added to its appeal, resulting in impressive market growth for display advertising.

“Today, advertisers have embraced the potential of real-time display to deliver the precision and efficiency of search,” say experts at Quantcast, a digital marketing company and provider of real-time advertising solutions.

“As a result, programmatic display advertising is a rapidly growing part of the overall display market, accounting for $15 billion in spending in 2015, or 52 percent of the overall market.”

But many advertisers could be doing more to understand, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of their display advertising campaigns.

Quantcast’s new whitepaper sets out four easy steps that marketers can take to unlock the potential of their display advertising, including compelling reasons to invest in real-time display, and advice on the most effective way to measure the success of your ad campaigns.

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