MAX e-Mailer

MAX e-Mailer by I.S.MAX is an easy-to-use announcement mailing list program available for only $25 per month. It includes pre-built subscriber form pages and a password-protected administration control panel. Users need only a Web browser and Internet access.

MAX e-Mailer requires no programming knowledge by the administrator, and allows users to send a message to their entire subscriber list, or easily select which subscribers receive the message using MAX e-Mailer’s Web-based administration control panel.

The program includes customizable subscriber forms, password-protected administration control panel, extensive database management, automated robot responses, and importaing of subscriber lists from another data source.

MAX e-Mailer can be used for:

  • club or group newsletters
  • company newsletters
  • new product announcements
  • public emergency warning systems
  • school newsletters or announcements
  • price and service updates
  • Web site update notices
  • anything you can think of that requires sending a message or
  • an announcement to a group of people.

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