NYC Gov Valentine: Condom Ad Campaign

pr011-08_poster1.jpgNew York City’s Health Department launched a new campaign on Valentine’s Day to promote safe sex. The city released an ad campaign and a new design on the packaging and dispensers of the condoms it distributes free throughout the city. The tagline for the campaign is “NYC Condoms: Get Some!” Ads are planned for TV, radio, and print, with serving as the a central point of the campaign.

While the short video created for this purpose targets diverse groups with hip hop, Latin, and Jazz music runs only about 10 seconds, it’s not said to be planned for the Web. It’s the perfect length for the web, and there are plenty of sites serving the New York city area that could be utilized. First there’s government sites, then city papers and other local and targeted sites. It’s possible the ad units will make their way to the Web either on video sharing sites or as actual ad units once the campaign rolls out.

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