How to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate in China

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Consider these three approaches to improve the landing page conversions from visitors to your website.

Here is a common scenario for online marketing in China:

  • You are given the tasks to acquire new visitors to your newly created Chinese website through multiple online marketing channels.
  • The online traffic channels to acquire visitors include search engines (i.e. paid and organic search of Baidu, 360, Google, and Sogou), display and remarketing, meta search sites, and partner sites.
  • You will need to convert the visitors into purchases on your new website.

You have a full plan in place for all your online traffic channels. Now you have to maximize the output of the visitors you are going to acquire from the multiple channels. The immediate item to work on will be your website or more precisely the landing page of your traffic channels, i.e. the page on your website that your visitors immediately see after they click from online traffic channels.

Understand the Demographic and Objectives of the Visitors to Your Website

An example is you have an online travel booking website that offers multiple products and services including flight tickets, hotel reservations, vacation packages, group travel, corporate travel, car rental, train tickets, and travel destination information. On your landing page, you should not list all the product categories on your main navigation menu.

You should create multiple landing pages for different purposes. For example, you will need a set of flight booking landing pages per arriving locations or per departing locations for search engine traffic. Another example is you will need a set of hotel reservation landing pages per destination.

To back up your decision-making, you should use the data in your Web analytics reports. First of all, you want to find out the percentage of visitors who visited the pages of each product category on your website. Then combine the page visit data with for example Baidu’s monthly/daily search volume estimates for each category. Lastly, you will be able to determine:

  • the destinations you should create new landing pages for the multiple online marketing channels.
  • options that should be shown prominently on the main navigation menu and what options shouldn’t.

Make It Easy for Visitors to Complete Their Tasks on Your Website

Most Chinese users are impatient users online. An example is when a visitor has found the product she wants and is about to make a purchase on your website. The visitor clicks the buy button hoping she will immediately fill in her billing/delivery address and pay through Alipay, one of the most popular Chinese Web wallets, but are actually shown a forced registration screen.

One solution is to show a page that allows the visitor to tell you she is actually a repeat customer that has previously registered. This page will ease the frustration for repeat customers.

The other solution is for new customers. Let the visitor’s flow move forward, i.e. allow her to finish her purchase and be happy. Then, ask her to register while she is still on your website or send her an email reminder for a later registration.

Offer Discounts and Coupons to Your Website’s Visitors

Most Chinese users are very price sensitive in nature. You will have to regularly give out discounts on some strategically selected products and/or offer coupons for later redemption. On the landing pages of the selected products, promotion messages should be shown.

  • First, a better price (relative to your competitor’s) should normally increase the conversion rate.
  • This may improve the chance for visitors that have benefited from the discounted products to come back again to your website for subsequent purposes in the future.
  • The visitors may recommend to their friends about the regular promotions on your website.
  • Once you have a large enough size of repeat customers, you will be able to set up a loyalty program which is a good way to build good relationship with your loyal customers.

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Gordon  Choi

Gordon Choi has paid search experience in Google AdWords and Baidu since 2003; Yahoo/Bing since 2002 and SEO and web analytics experience since 2005 across China, Asia, U.S., U.K. and Australian markets. He gathered China Internet experience through working in-house at and and now specializes in setting up SEM/SEO strategies, managing online campaign operations, and implementing web analytics solutions for clients.

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