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Now you can download the ClickZ podcast and hear our experts talking about the latest thinking, and offering practical advice that you can apply in your business. Each month our host, Tim Flagg, will be talking to a different marketing expert and getting the low-down on a wide range of themes, ensuring you’re kept up to date. Each episode is around 30 minutes long.


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Episode 21: Mary Keane-Dawson – Building the ad agency of the future

In this episode we talk about the future of advertising and why ad agencies must evolve to stay relevant in an increasingly diverse world. We’ll discuss what role technology should play in the advertising of the future, whether AI can ever be creative, and why it’s such an exciting time to be an innovator in advertising.

We’ll also hear why agencies should be aiming to better reflect society, and the benefits of diversity and equality to tap into talent and insights, to deliver the best advertising.


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Stay tuned for more episodes in the upcoming weeks.

Episode 1: Tessa Wegert – The lowdown on the latest trends in content marketing

We spoke with Tessa Wegert, a business and tech reporter, former media strategist, and branded content developer, to get some thoughtful insight on content marketing. Tessa regularly contributes to publications such as Business Insider, Adweek, and Contently’s The Content Strategist, and has worked with brands that include Audi, Audible, HubSpot, Shutterstock, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.


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Episode 2: Parry Malm – The latest trends in email marketing

In this episode, we spoke with Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, the AI-powered subject line optimisation company. Previously he ran the strategy & commercial departments for an email service provider, and prior to that headed up a global marketing team for a FTSE250 media company.


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Episode 3: Brian Clifton – The story of Google Analytics, plus the latest trends in data and analytics

We caught up with Brian Clifton (PhD), a measurement strategist, advisor and renowned practitioner of performance optimisation using Google Analytics. Recognised internationally as a Google Analytics expert, Brian’s best selling books have been translated many times and are used by students and professionals worldwide. As Google’s first Head of Web Analytics for Europe (2005-8), Brian built the pan-European team of product specialists.


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Episode 4: Kelvin Newman – Search marketing – What are the major trends in 2016?

In episode 4 of the ClickZ podcast we spoke with Kelvin Newman. Kelvin is the founder of Rough Agenda, a company that arranges specialist digital marketing events including Brighton SEO. In 2014 Kelvin was voted by Econsultancy as the most influential individual in digital and in 2013 won the Search Personality award at the UK Search Awards.


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Episode 5: Martin Talks – A marketer’s guide to AI

In conjunction with our report “A Marketer’s Guide to AI”, Tim Flagg caught up with report author Martin Talks to find out what Artificial Intelligence really is and discuss some very practical ways for marketers to use AI in their everyday campaigns and reporting. In this episode we’ll explore everything from analysing vast amounts of data, to writing content and the wide range of tools available for marketers.


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Episode 6: Nick Wilsdon – Enterprise SEO and customer acquisition

In this episode of the ClickZ Digital Marketing Podcast, we spoke with Nick Wilsdon, SEO Lead, Global Channels Optimisation at Vodafone – a speaker at our upcoming event Shift in London. We examine the latest developments in search engine optimisation and what opportunities these present for marketers. Nick shares some practical advice for getting started, and gives us some insights into what he thinks will be the main areas of growth for search over the coming months. Hear more from Nick at Shift London on the 24th and 25th of May.


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Episode 7: Charlie Salter – Shift London: how an event can be the catalyst for digital change

In this episode you’ll learn all about Shift, ClickZ’s innovative new event on all things disruption and transformation. Our guest is Charlie Salter, the brains behind Shift, who shares his experience of what makes a really effective event and how he’s ensured these learnings are incorporated into the design of Shift London. We’ll also be hearing what Charlie thinks are the major themes for marketers and digital leaders to be aware of in 2016, and discussing how marketers can ensure they are up to date.

Episode 8: Rebecca Galambos – Digital transformation and understanding millennials

In this episode you’ll learn what digital transformation is and what is required to start and maintain change within an organisation. Our guest Rebecca Galambos, who will be speaking at Shift London, provides some great insights into the millennial generation through her work at the Prince’s Trust. We’ll be discovering what marketers should be aware of when approaching and communicating to millennials, with some great stories of how the Prince’s Trust is working with young people to give them the skills and confidence to take control and transform their lives.

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Episode 9: James Gurd – Optimise your checkout process – practical tips and checklists

Join experienced digital strategist James Gurd and hear some practical advice for how you can start to set up and optimise an effective check out process on your website. These insights will be helpful for both ecommerce professionals and general marketers who are trying to optimise lead generation funnels and sign ups. James shares case studies of the best check out processes, as well as recommending how to get started.


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Episode 10: Andrew Campbell How marketing can drive the technology agenda

In Episode 10 we talk to Andrew Campbell about customer relationship marketing, and hear how marketers can harness the latest technology to continually improve the customer experience. Marketers should be obsessed with customer data. It is the raw material for generating insights into what the customer is thinking. The modern marketer has an incredible opportunity to understand their customer at a level of detail that has never previously been possible, across all parts of the customer journey, but in order to collect and use this data they require technology.


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Episode 11: Zack Sullivan  The future of online advertising

In Episode 11 we talk to Zack Sullivan, the head of delivery at Future Publishing to hear his perspective on the future of online advertising. Publishers have had to react to the changing demands of their audiences, as well as new disruptive technology such as programmatic ad buying, native advertising and ad-blockers. The continued ability of publishers to adapt to these changes is also vitally important to advertisers and marketers, and we’ll get an insight into what Zack thinks will be the next big developments.


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Episode 12: Ben Williams Adblockers and the future of online advertising

Adblockers have become a major challenge for publishers and advertisers alike. Adblock Plus is the most popular and has been downloaded on more than 500 million devices around the world. We’re joined by Ben Williams the communications and operations manager from Adblock Plus. We hear the story of how Adblock Plus has evolved and get Ben’s perspective on the future of online advertising. We’ll also find out why Adblock Plus has become so popular, where the areas of growth are and how Adblock Plus is aiming to work with publishers and advertisers to find a common ground.


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Episode 13: Richard Robinson – Putting user data at the centre of effective advertising campaigns

Advertisers are able to access a huge amount of data about the behaviour of online users, but few know how to analyse and interpret that data. We speak to Richard Robinson, MD of Turn. Turn is a marketing platform that allows advertisers to identify audiences and create highly targeted campaigns. We’ll hear about their mission to work with brand owners, media agencies and creatives to help them understand the potential of using data to produce personalised and highly effective ads.


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Episode 14: Jim Hodgkins – Using psychology to improve online advertising

Targeting online consumers can be a blunt science, but VisualDNA have pioneered a way to collect psychological profiles for individuals on line to create enhance profiles. These profiles can then be used to create segments of users in ad exchanges based on personality. This allows advertisers to tailor ad creative and target to individuals based upon their personality. Jim Hodgkins, the UK MD for VisualDNA, explains the importance of understanding audiences and how this is at the centre of the future of advertising.


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Episode 15: Miles Pritchard – Harnessing the power of your data with a Data Management Platform

What exactly is a Data Management Platform, and why is it so important? Miles Pritchard, Global director of marketer and agency solutions at Lotame, will explain what a DMP is and how they are being used by marketers and agencies. We’ll also look ahead at some of the challenges that advertisers are facing, and how being able to collate data from multiple different sources can help deliver more targeted and effective advertising. DMPs are becoming a critical part of every marketer’s technology stack, so tune in and listen to Miles explain the industry best practice and how to get started.


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Episode 16: Brian Katzman – Smart location and the internet of things

What is smart location and how is a small bluetooth tracker leading innovation in this space? Tim Flagg talks to Brian Katzman, VP marketing at Tile and learn how Tile built a successful IoT brand, engage with customers around the world and continue to pioneer product development.


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Episode 17: Matt Nash – Harnessing data, creativity and context to produce powerful ads

Join Matt Nash, Managing Partner UK at Neo @ Ogilvy, and Tim Flagg as they discuss how ad agencies are harnessing the power of data to produce powerful and effective advertising. They cover how the future of advertising lies in being able to predict what a user is going to do, and how we’ll be able to tell stories in a sequence of ads across devices. Whilst data is important, we’ll also hear about the importance of creativity and context in creating ads that connect with audiences.


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Episode 18: Amir Malik – Programmatic media, the publisher’s perspective

Join Amir Malik, director of programmatic for Trinity Mirror, and Tim Flagg as they discuss how programmatic has evolved and its impact on the world of publishing. We’ll hear how publishers have had to build out whole new functions to trade programmatically, and what opportunities this presents for ad agencies and technology companies. We’ll also discuss the importance of trust and transparency, particularly from the consumers perspective and the impact of ad-blockers.

Episode 19: Andy Oakes The importance of high quality content for publishers and marketers

Hear how programmatic media buying has impacted on digital publishers and the importance of high quality content for marketers from one of the best-known voices in the industry.

Tim Flagg is joined by Andy Oakes, former publisher of New Media Age and former head of content and managing director of The Drum, to discuss content marketing, publishing, programmatic and the future of online advertising.


Episode 20: Tom Goodwin – Why advertising is broken and how technology will unleash our creativity

In this episode, our presenter Tim Flagg joins Tom Goodwin, EVP, Head of Innovation at Zenith Media to take a look at the state of advertising and ask, does advertising have a future?

Along the way, they discuss everything from online banks and data privacy to personalization, tracking and how technology should be making the industry more creative.


About our host, Tim Flagg

timTim Flagg is an experienced digital marketer, having launched and grown brands around the world for companies that include BBC Worldwide, E! Entertainment Television, Hutchison-Whampoa and Zipcar. Tim was managing director of IDM Online (A partnership with The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing), founding director of the Academy of Digital Business Leaders, and is now a marketing consultant, as well as a speaker and podcaster.

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